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an instagram photo of a kitchen with a blue refrigerator and wooden table in the middle
Decorating trend: Havana Modern
an empty glass sitting on the floor in front of a chair and lamp next to it
generic dream
three different colored crates sitting next to each other
Box Life Cabin • Recyclart
a small wooden table with two yellow baskets on it's top and bottom shelf
PANRICO Crate Furniture by Merry Design Studio
a large blue piece of art sitting on the side of a building
BORGMAN | LENK + jan körbes reconstruct building façade using plastic pallets
a room filled with lots of blue objects
Sjyp Warehouse - CREATIVE STUDIO UNRAVEL - 스튜디오언라벨
a blue backpack and pair of shoes are on a wooden block in front of a white wall
Best Practice Leans on Materiality for Seattle Menswear Boutique Eames NW - Interior Design