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올해도 한일규방전에 참가하기 위해 작품을 제작했는데요, 이번엔 단체작으로 참여하게 되었어요. 같은 원...

these would be a cool feng shui/colorful statement at entrance (done smaller maybe) since the windows straight to the back would draw your eye out of the building and not in...

Korea: Detail of a Pojagi, traditional Korean wrapping cloth

Modernized traditional Korean Fabric art and décor, Jogakbo - Sheer shade/ space décor

HyoJooKim_gallery.gif (490×550) Bojagi

A bojagi or bo for short (also pojagi or bojaki) is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth.

"Scraps of Thought" by Jiseon Lee Isbara