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an image of two people with different expressions on their faces and in the same language
an animated comic strip with the words hello kitty written in korean and another cartoon character's speech bubble
a cat is sitting on the back of a cow's head and another dog is standing on top of it
한국판 브레멘 음악대
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상상을 초월하는 진상은 없는 알바
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피드클릭 | 피클포털 1 페이지
Meme, Stomach, Butterflies In My Stomach
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an old man is talking on his cell phone
한 분야의 거장들도 힘들어 하는거
한 분야의 거장들도 힘들어 하는거
전하와 내시균형
전하와 내시균형
전하와 내시균형
the tweet has been written in korean and english
CG가 아니라 사진입니다… Views
CG가 아니라 사진입니다…
CG가 아니라 사진입니다…
two screenshots showing the same text in different languages, one with an image of a man and woman
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이름빨 지코