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black and white photograph of an apple with water droplets on it's surface,
43 Creative Photography Ideas for Awe-Inspiring Shots
56 Awe Inspiring Creative Photographs - Photography | JUST™ Creative
long exposure photoshopped together to make it look like the ocean
13 Time-Stretching Long Exposure Photos
13 time-stretching "long-exposure" photos
three cameras sitting on top of each other with the words 7 daily exercises to make you a better photographer
7 exercises that will make you a better photographer
7 daily exercises that will make you a better photographer
the ultimate guide to creating great sheets for the photographer's life, with pictures and text
Cheat Sheets for the Photographer - U Create
two boston terriers sitting in front of a christmas tree with the caption how to brighten a dark subject on a light background
How to Brighten a Dark Subject on a Light Background | Easy Tutorial
How to Brighten a Dark Subject on a Light Background
the website for photoshop is displayed in this screenshote photo shop, which has been
Photoshop tutorials, tips and news - Ahead Hosting
Photoshop tutorials, tips and news The site is fully on auto-pilot and updates all by itself at the time interval you specify. All the best tutorials, tips and lessons! Photoshop is a hugely popular software receiving over 50 million searches/month! High graphic content, all posts come with pictures. Adobe News and Lightroom also covered. Six highly converting adverts on each page, more could be added.
the top 5 posts about camera settings in this postcard is an excellent way to use it
Top 5 Posts about Camera Settings
Top 5 Posts about Camera Settings | Boost Your Photography
three cameras sitting next to each other with the words, why i was shooting in manual focus and why i was wrong
Why I was shooting with my lens in manual focus and why I was WRONG! - JL Photography | Photography Business Blog | Free Lightroom Templates
four different pictures showing the process of making pizzas in an outdoor oven, with instructions on how to make them
DIY Photography Backdrops: Using a Pallet "Studio"
Looking for an inexpensive way to make yourself a variety of backgrounds for your food and small object photography? Get ideas for taking better food and craft photos for your blog… Or take better pictures for selling small items on ebay… Part 1… Make yourself a pallet studio- on the cheap, and see how you can change it up!
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption focus on a moving subject
How to Focus on a Moving Subject
Learn how one little camera setting change can help you get those special fast moving moments in focus! By contributor Camilla Myrrha.
the words are made up of sparkles and letters that appear to be written in different languages
how to write with sparklers.
a sparkler photography tutorial: how to write with sparklers and catch it on camera!
the moon and water with text that reads 7 essential tips for photographing the moon
7 Essential Tips for Photographing the Moon - Improve Photography
7 Essential night photography tips for photographing the moon.
the camera is decorated with christmas lights and stars on its body, as well as an ornament that looks like a tree
Can you turn your Christmas tree lights into hearts?
Not limited to Christmas. This is like a pinhole camera, sort of. I have to try this type of bokeh.
an image of a digital camera with two buttons
Beginning Photography lesson: Exposure Compensation
This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.
the essential guide to filters for digital cameras with expert photography guides and tips on how to use them
9 Best Camera Filters in 2024 (Most Useful Filter Effects)
The Essential Guide To Filters For Digital Cameras. YAY! I have been wanting to do some research into this! :D