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One of the more laid back spots to hang out in, Yri Cafe has become a popular habitat for local musicians, writers and filmmakers. The walls of the venue are filled with a record and book collection, making it a snug little hideaway where customers can splay out on sofas or chat with friends on classic, wooden seating.

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Gusto Taco. Best tacos in Seoul.

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Jebibadang (제비다방) is a cafe/ bar that hosts live music performances.

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퍼블리크 (PUBLIQUE) for french-style pain aux chocolat

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Slunch Factory is a vegetarian restaurant that serves vegan eats, too.

Appearing more like a rundown factory, Anthracite is an uber hip place to get your daytime coffee fix.

Palm Palm Piano (팜팜 피아노), a restaurant spread over two rooms, is already proving itself to be one of the best places to get dinner or enjoy a few drinks even though it only opened in summer 2013.

상수역 (Sangsu Stn.)

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