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POS payment product design

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TGS focuses on the design of POS payment product design in China for over ten years.

TGS design--pax D210 POS payment design

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TGS POS design--pax D210 POS payment design--Revolutionary product design

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TGS payment design --PAX D300 POS design

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TGS POS payment design--pax D300 design

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TGS POS payment design--ingenico new PDA POS P990-design

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pax D210 design TGS subsoil in POS payment field for many years, has been committed to pay the product innovation and reform, research and thinking of the payment products with keen foresight

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TGS payment design --PAX D300 POS design

TGS payment disign -PAX D300 Design

D800 is an innovative small self-service POS terminal,accepting a wide range of bank card,mobile phone comsuption and other electronic payment.With consumer goods into inventory management,catalog sales,advertising,D800 is especically suitable for the financial self-payment .