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Korean Traditonal Clothes of Goguryeo(BC37-AD668) #고대의복 #hanbok


Sword Pommel Types, Korea Three KIngdoms Period.

조선의 팽배수-Joseon's Shield soldier

Korean pottery art Celadon ware "Inscense burner in the shape of dragon and tortoise" Early 12th century, Goryo dynasty Height 20cm, total height 20.4 vm, diameter 10.2 cm Bottom dia 13.1cm National treasure No.1027

"Mobile traction trebuchet with molten iron bombs at Kuju, Korea 1231"

조선시대 군인- 갑옷의 종류 (조선시대 장군의 갑옷과 투구에 대해서 많이 알려졌으나, 군인들이 착용한 갑옷과 투구에 대해선 고증이 거의 없었기 때문에 이렇게 편찬하게 됐습니다.) ...

"Mobile mortar and thunder crash bombs at Kyongju, Korea, 1593"

The gentlemen's hat (Gat; 갓) for the upper class in Chosun(조선=the ancient country in Korea), who is called as Yangban(양반). The rounded shade of this hat is larger than those for the middle class and the lower class.

Joseon Dynasty horse archer and lancer with mail or lamellar armour.