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an orange casserole dish with bacon, cheese and broccoli
Best Damn Cheesy Tater Tot Bacon Breakfast Casserole EVER!!! Freezable
OH BOY, Breakfast Casserole! But not just any breakfast casserole, this is BY FAR, the absolute best casserole I have ever had. Th...
the words, what to ask a doula 4 interview questions on a blue background
What to Ask a Doula: 14 Essential Interview Questions
What to Ask a Doula: 14 Interview Questions
the words she is worth it written in black ink on a pastel pink background
10 Things Yoga Mama
Positive birth affirmations truly can play an inspiring and invaluable role during labor and delivery. Here are some of the encouraging, empowering, or just plain and simple words that I thought or…
a green watercolor background with the words i am pleased to carry this baby on it
Harmony Hypnobirthing Class in Dartford | Pregnancy Yoga Kent
birth affirmation for hypnobirth
a white circle with the words you can do anything for a minute in black ink
The Illawarra Doula
Contractions usually last for about 1 minute when you are in active labour. Yes they can be incredibly intense and strong but it's just one minute. Then there will be a break of about 4-10 minutes where you will be pain free before the next one starts. This down time can be spent having a drink, rest, laugh or cuddling. Don't worry about how long you have left in your labour, just take each 1 minute contraction at a time. 1 minute is not very long and you can do anything for a minute!
a watercolor painting with the words, our baby created in love will be birthed in love
Why Positive Birth Affirmations are so Powerful - Birth Baby and Beyond
Birthing in Love More
the front cover of 30 bible verses for labor and delivery, with watercolor flowers
30 Encouraging Bible Verses for Labor and Delivery
The following old and new testament bible verses for labor are a simple way to bring faith and spirituality to each moment, contraction and breath during birth.
the ultimate list of printable birth affirmations on a table with pink flowers
Ultimate list of printable birth affirmations and scriptures - Beautiful in His Time
Ultimate list of printable birth affirmations and scriptures - printables for birth - birth printables - scripture cards - affirmation cards - VBAC - TOLAC - natural childbirth - natural birth - preparing for birth - Christian childbirth #etsy
the words i replace fear with faith i trust in my body's ability to birth beautifully
Period Cycle Calculator Ovulation
Faith & Trust in my Body to Birth
a yellow flower with the words each surge brings my baby closer to me
How To Calculate Ovulation Date
A4 Birth Affirmations 9 More