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the corner of a shelf is painted pink and has holes in it to hold items
Wooden novelties | STYLEPARK
Wooden novelties - News & Stories at STYLEPARK
a close up of a wooden door with metal brackets on it's bottom half
【SABI】ベース付スタンド看板(杉)<サイズオーダー> | すべての商品 | オリジナル家具・金物の上手工作所
【SABI】ベース付スタンド看板(杉)<サイズオーダー> | すべての商品 | オリジナル家具・金物の上手工作所
the screen is showing an image of some wood carvings on it's display shelf
Cool Thing of the Day
Cool Thing of the Day
two pieces of wood sitting on top of a wooden table next to a ruler and pencil
Kumiko Class - February 18, 2018 at Mokuchi
goma gara kumiko pattern coasters
some very nice looking wooden structures on the table top in this close up shot, it looks like they are made out of wood
Sashikan Tategu Kogei
Sashikan Tategu offers 13 kinds of basic and universal designs of traditional kumiko for housing joiner.Various designs and usage are available according to the plan or image of architects and designers.
a wooden cabinet with an intricate design on the front and back sides, sitting on a wood floor
several different angles and sizes of trays on a wooden table with pens, pencils, markers and paper
30+ Fun & Creative DIY Desk Organizer Ideas to Make Your Desk Cute!
You can make any a desk organizer at home by yourself. It is interesting, creative and cheaper. In that occasion Top dreamer has for you 15 creative and useful diy desk organizers. Find and save ideas about Cardboard organizer in this site. | See more ideas about Diy desktop organizer, Cardboard drawers and Cardboard box storage. #DiyHomeDecor #DeskOffice #StorageIdeas
several wooden squares are arranged together on a black surface, with one smaller square in the middle
Sashikan Tategu Kogei
Kumiko design list | Sashikan Tategu Kogei-Traditional Japanese Muntin Joiner-
two different types of trelliss are shown in the same color and pattern, one is
D & M King | Shoji | Square Patterns | Izutsu
Izutsu kumiko
wood planks are lined up and ready to be used as a background or wallpaper
I've been practicing joinery lately. - Gaming
I've been practicing joinery lately.
a wooden frame sitting on top of a table next to a pair of wood pegs
Alan Breed, a brilliant carver, once said he only made furniture so that he'd have something to carve. I'm not sure that the only reason I build is to have an excuse to make kumiko, but it's the thing I look most forward to in a project. The cabinet I'm making has two doors of slightly different sizes, so they each start with a kumiko grid custom made for each door. It would have been easier to make them the same size, but where's the fun in that? #tansuwallcabinet
four different types of wooden frames and boards are shown in three different pictures, one is made from wood the other has been assembled
Shokkō 蜀江 The next pattern is the shokkō, and this forms the basis of all the other shokkō patterns. It is similar to the tsuno shokkō without the extensions (horns), but in this design, the internal patterns are rectangles instead of squares. The jigumi also forms rectangles, so this makes cutting the jaguchi joints on the locking pieces a bit of a challenge. First, though, I cut and assemble the jigumi (top left). Next, as always, I cut and insert first the horizontal pattern pieces (top ri...
wooden puzzle pieces arranged in the shape of an eight - pointed snowflake on a gray surface