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Coping Tools for Anxiety: Free Social Emotional Learning Poster
the text is written in black and white, which reads children don't choose their parents
H trauma-queens Children don’t choose their parents. If a child had the chance to decide who they would be born to, the world would be a very different place. Parents however, choose to have that child. Parents can abort, can adopt, can dump them on on the other parent or grandparents. When parents choose to keep their child, they’re making a conscious decision. They know when a child is born that it will require care, food, a roof over their heads, clothes and school supplies, medicine when they’re sick and trips to the doctor to keep them healthy. Parents make a decision to take on that responsibility when they keep a child. Parents shouldn’t hold the basic necessities of a child over their heads. Children owe their parents nothing for fulfilling the responsibility that they chose to take. You take care of that child because you decided to instead of giving that responsibility to someone else. And if you do think your kid owes you something for being a child and having needs, they probably would have been better off with someone else anyways. ”e magicallygrimmwiccan Louder for the people in the back - iFunny
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