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a painting of a dog smelling flowers with a bird on the top of one flower
Fawn Greyhound With Chickadee by Jennifer Howard Art
two dogs running through the water with a ball in their mouth
beautiful photo capture
a black and white dog standing next to a horse
two of my very favorite things in the world!!
a dog jumping in the air with its mouth open
Butt-tuck zoomies
a dog is curled up and sleeping on the ground with his head in another dog's mouth
Best Friends (owned by Gudrun Schmitz) those doggies. Whippet (?) and looks like an Irish Wolf Hound.
a white and black dog with its mouth open
Top Dogs: Portraits from Westminster
Ruby, a whippet owned by the photographer Robin Schwartz. Photograph by Landon Nordeman. For more: http://nyr.kr/XAlAqd
two dogs are curled up in a dog bed on the floor next to each other
why you should have at least two Whippets....
a white dog laying on top of a bed with the caption first we steal your heart then we steal your bed & sofa
So true!
a dog is looking out the front door with its head sticking out from behind glass
The Animal Rescue Site | Click to Feed Rescue Animals
A whippet at the window.
a dog laying on top of a bed covered in sheets and pillows with his head sticking out from under the covers
Italian Greyhound Style Icon
Rainy Day - Find me if you can…. Hiding between the sheets & pillows
a dog laying on its back in the yard
Gudrun Schmitz
Whippet has his own portable fur couch in the shape of an Irish Wolfhound. Photo by Gudrun Schmitz.
a black and white dog with his paws on the ground looking at the camera while wearing a top hat
Oh My...What big paws you have...