Pinterest • 전 세계의 아이디어 카탈로그 Making Of - Original film can be viewed here

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Project done at Double G Studios ( Concept, animation, lighting, textures, compositing and direction were my roles on this one. Art direction by Grant Gilbert (Double G Studios). Marcos Savignano helped a lot in animation aswell specially on the birds and waterfall scene. Stephen Ross animated the wave. Producer: Amy Smith Music and Sound Design by Resonate

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CCTV10 Chinese New Year '14

National Chinese Science and Education channel CCTV10 approached ZSPACE to create an ID for the festive season of Chinese New Year 2014: Year of the Horse. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to conceptualize, direct and design this project. From the very beginning I felt that while this ID needs to be very Chinese in design, the horse being a staple within Chinese culture, art and history, it also needs to transcend the cliched associations with said culture. Using a ...

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CCTV9 Documentary Channel ID's by elliott chaffer

CCTV9 is China's only nation wide channel dedicated to documentaries. The channel has grown in speed and scale in 2012, now reaching 64-million viewers nightly. CCTV9 asked us to create two Channel Promos that bring the cube from the CCTV9 logo into the heart of both the visual creatives. This creative was based on all documentary channel content quite literally unfolding from inside the CCTV9 logo, represented by the flip cube. We worked very closely with our friends at Analog ...

2013 CCTV9 Image Spot & ID (Moment in Time) The channel image for CCTV9 in 2013 is to be perceived as being relevant and relatable. ‘Moment in time’ is the concept that JL DESIGN came up with, focusing on experiences that are intimate and personal, and looking at events from time’s perspective. The stories in the 4 idents are seen to be unfolding in an exhibition space or museum, creating moving sculptures from time trails. The stories of the different characters ...

Take a look at the new show open we created for CCTV America's latest program "Full Frame," a weekly, one-hour talk program focusing on cultural and living issues that target a global audience.

CCTV june 2012

Directed, shot and edited by Tomas Koolhaas as part of his Documentary entitled 'Rem' about his father Rem Koolhaas. Music by Ike Yard. For more information on 'Rem' use the following links:


Low resolution rough cut of footage I shot at the CCTV building in Beijing in Feb 2012. This footage is part of a documentary I am making about my father Rem Koolhaas. For more info on the film use links below:

Motion sculptures for CCTV Documentary Channel is a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of. In four Idents we follow a visual performance of organic and vital substance, animated using data of actors movements. Idents visualize four different themes. To emphasize the emotion of each Ident, we have decided to use different textures of steel, wood and glass. Motion sculpture of steel reflects old Chinese adage that true power is mastering yourself. Youthful…