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a white cake topped with strawberries on top of a table next to christmas decorations
Christmas Cake Recipe (Strawberry Sponge Cake) - Cooking with Dog
This Japanese Christmas Cake is a fluffy sponge cake decorated with a generous amount of strawberries and whipped cream. Try this recipe at Christmas time. It’s a real treat for the kids!
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a slice of cake with white frosting and sprinkles on a plate
Italian Christmas Cookie Cake
Inspired by a sugar cookie and featuring ricotta and olive oil, this Italian sweet cake is about to become the best you’ve ever tasted. Ever. Ever.
a slice of cake on a plate with the words rock candy christmas cake over it
Rock Candy Christmas Cake
Looking for fun and delicious Christmas desserts? Try this Rock Candy Christmas Cake. With the perfect combination of it's color and lot's of candy, making this one of the most festive holiday cakes you'll ever see! #cake #christmas #holiday
a piece of cake with icing and sprigs on it sitting on a plate
Bolo de aveia, maçã e banana – gostinho de Natal
Bolo de frutas
a cake with white frosting and red berries on top
Irish Traditional Christmas Cake
Traditional Irish Christmas Cake: recipe and advice for a perfect Christmas Cake #christmas #christmascake #christmasfood #recipe #cake
a cake sitting on top of a glass platter with the words light and fruity christmas cake to make in december
Quick Christmas Cake | Everyday Cooks
A light fruity Christmas Cake that doesn't need maturing. Make it on Chistmas Eve if necessary! #everydaycooks #everydaycakes #christmas #fruitcake #christmascake #lightchristmascake #recipe #uk
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a slice of chocolate cake with green frosting on a plate
95 Festive Holiday Desserts To Make Your Christmas Spread The Sweetest Yet
Andes Chocolate CakeDelish
christmas cranberry roll cake on a white plate
Cranberry Christmas Cake
Cranberry Christmas Cake is vertical multi-layer madness of moist vanilla sponge, cranberry filling and white chocolate cream cheese frosting. It’s delicious Christmas dessert
christmas spice cake with an eggnog buttercream frosting on the top
Christmas Spice Cake with Eggnog Buttercream
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a cake with white frosting and raspberries on top sitting on a plate
Christmas Cheesecake (Cranberry Jam White Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake)
Amazing Christmas Cheesecake to make your holidays magic. Vanilla bean cheesecake layered with an easy cranberry jam and smooth white chocolate mousse.
a cake sitting on top of a cooling rack
Recipes, articles, fashion and home decor | Asda Good Living
Get ahead with your preparations and you'll be rewarded with a rich, moist fruit cake that's ready for icing and decorating in December. Find a recipe for masterclass Christmas cake and more at
two slices of cranberry bread with icing and cherries on a wooden table
Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake
Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake - OMG Chocolate Desserts
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