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a painting of a woman with sunglasses and an apple on her shoulder, in front of a polka dot background
Ms. Eaton's Phileonia Artonian: Pop Art Self Portraits- Roy Lichtenstein Inspired
a black and white drawing of a boy smiling in front of a tree with swirls
four different colored portraits of men with glasses on them, one in the process of drawing
the four faces of pop art are shown
Pop Art | Lobo | 4EVER
Pop Art | Lobo | 4EVER
a painting with many different colors and patterns on it's face, including the woman's head
Kunst für kids
six paintings of people in different colors and sizes, all with faces painted on them
Autoportrait à la manière de ROMERO Britto
some drawings are being drawn and placed on top of each other
Es geht um mich – das Aktivitätspaket für den Beginn des Jahres, #Aktivitätspaket #Beginn #d...
a woman's face peeking out from behind a piece of paper with words on it
850 Mixed Media ideas | art journal inspiration, art journal, mixed media art journaling
a painting of a cat with green eyes