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BreakWave's eBooks! Humanist erotica for us all.

New York, new rules; same old mafia. Russian tattoo apprentice Anna emigrates to a Bratva-ruled corner of NYC with Konstantin, her boss and oppressive older lover. But when Konstantin’s son and Anna’s ex – both mafia enforcers – enter the picture, ties that bind begin to feel oh-so-right, but oppressively tight, in Apprentice. Read for FREE on Smashwords – Apprentice: Taboo Tattoo Erotic Gangster Romance – a book by Mary Farve

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Seeking everything she feels denied because of her size, 240-lb BBW Cora hits the town, bangs some dudes, and starts a tell-all sex blog backed by her BFF Kenya. But she doesn’t know what to do when she inadvertently falls for Jonathan, Kenya’s brother, amidst her sexual awakening. And she definitely doesn’t know what to do when her intimate sex blog goes viral. See how the saga begins in Cora. Smashwords – Cora: A BBW "Little Fat Book" Erotic Romance – a book by Kylie Roman

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Pregnant Aubrey agrees to marry Max when the past catches up to her. Together, they escape to a place their love is legal. But when Marlena hears about Alex, she learns the truth about Aubrey, Max, Portia, and Tim. And neither make-up sex, nor an intimate firelight threesome, can save the McIntosh family now in Triathlon, Book IV of the Interrelated Series Smashwords – Triathlon: A Taboo, Pseudo, Pregnancy, Threesome Erotic Romance – a book by Mary Farve

Plagues of frogs, boils, meteorites, and death. Trans* ritual threesomes, pegging, orgies, and tentacle-like tendrils. More problems only she can solve. Mutnofret, Second Wife of Pharaoh, gets more than she bargained for after ascending to the throne in Defend, Book II of the Beautiful, Doomed Trilogy, an erotic ancient Egyptian retelling of the biblical Book of Exodus.

Smashwords – Duathlon: A Taboo, Pseudo Interrelated Erotica – a book by Mary Farve

Smashwords – Warm-Up: A Taboo, Pseudo Interrelated Erotica – a book by Mary Farve

Smashwords – Ascend: An Ancient Egyptian Erotic Romance – a book by Soledad Triunfo

Cleverly seduced, 21 year-old Max finally admits his feelings for his older, adopted sister Aubrey. After forgiving him for rejecting her years ago, the two begin to satisfy each other body, mind, and soul. But they’re caught, and an older man begins blackmailing Aubrey into starting an even more taboo relationship… Smashwords – Marathon: Book II of the Taboo, Pseudo Interrelated Series – a book by Mary Farve

An Amazon Top 10 Book in Trans Erotica and Top 20 in Historical Erotic Romance: Ascend: An Ancient Egyptian Erotic Romance (Beautiful, Doomed Book 1) by Soledad Triunfo