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'Eden' The beginning of mankind and the very first love Directed by Shinyoung Kim Sound track : Basenji - Dawn Genre : Music video Duration : 02'53'' More artworks at


Az Anilogue legfelkapottabb eseménye az Animált éj, ahol este nyolctól egészen hajnali kettőig nézhetnek animációs rövidfilmeket az igazán elszántak. A tavalyi öt, 50 perc körüli blokk után nehezítettek a szervezők, idén három 85 perces adagban kaptuk a filmeket. Liszka Tamás, a fesztivál…

Sex and Sensibility: Jungle of Desire

A psychedelic psycho-sexual encounter from animator Wong Ping

Fantasia 1982 - Pastoral Complete

When you're insanely happy, you're so happy to be happy, that you forget what made you happy. ひどく嬉しい時、嬉しさが嬉しくて、何が嬉しかったのか忘れるぐらい嬉しい。 体をめぐる喜びの循環。 Directer: ShiShi Yamazaki Music by Yamasuki's Yama Yama : Daniel Vangarde All songs published by Bleu Blanc Rouge


This is my graduation film in Kingston University 2011. Sometimes is pretty much the situation I always made for myself, feeling too much trouble coming all in a second, and nowhere to escape. But I'm not alone, and it won't be the end. It's a short animation drawn on paper. Hope you enjoy it!

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Symphony no. 42

Symphony no. 42 presents 47 observations in the irrational connections between human and nature. production: MOME Anim - Shortlisted for the 87th Academy Awards Awards 2014 - 2015: 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival HKIFF - Special Mention for Best Short Film Friss Hús Film Festival 2.0 Hungary - Best film Grand Prix Monstronal Festival Germany - Best film Grand Prix Skepto International Film Festival Italy - Audience A...