haenyeo women divers diving for fresh seafood. Unique to Jeju island.

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Hunting shellfish with the haenyeo

SOUTH KOREA. Jeju Island. 2014. No sooner had the group of Haenyeo I was #diving with entered the water when one of them snatched an #octopus from its hiding place under a rock. ( @DavidAlanHarvey/ #MagnumPhotos) by magnumphotos

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Meet The Badass, Eco-Feminist Free Divers Of South Korea

Rarefied Haenyeo (female divers) by David Høgsholt

The Indomitable Diving Grandmas of Jeju Island. Each day the remaining haenyo gather at the shore line. They sing their songs of love, loss and lament as they ready themselves, don their wet suits and dive once more as they have always done as did their mothers and grandmothers. The tradition may pass but for these ladies, this is the time of their lives. (Image credit DMac 4D MKII on Flickr)

바당밭의 농부, 해녀 : 네이버 매거진캐스트

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