My hero. The nicest and funniest man on the planet. And a bit of John Stewart too.
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four different pictures of the same man in a suit and tie, one is talking to another
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The Great Gatsby, as told by Stephen Colbert. Best summarization I've heard!!
two men sitting down talking to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption
Sir Ian everyone.
two men sitting at a table talking to each other on the set of tonight show
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The Hobbit: Sir Ian McKellen on The Colbert Report.
two pictures with the same caption on them, one has an image of jesus
I love Stephen Colbert.
a man in a suit and tie is on the television screen with his hands to his face
Robert Plant went ... green, pulling a ... cigarette out of his pocket and handing it to the startled late-night host
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table with a statue of liberty
No Country For Anyone Not Already Here
[Watch] Stephen Colbert Is Furious With The Hate Aimed At Refugees And Tells It Like It Is AnonHQ
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Awesome People Reading
Stephen Colbert reading Cat Fancy.
When he spoke for an entire nation:
When he spoke for an entire nation: | 12 Times Stephen Colbert America'd Harder Than Everyone Else
a man in a blue suit and tie with his hand on his chin looking at the camera
Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Hope (Published 2015)
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Damon Winter/The New York Times)
a tweet that reads, the colbert report 697 that is old like old, i mean she's going to be almost as old as ronald reagan was but
Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
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Dive into anything
Stephen Colbert
two pictures of the same person in suits and ties, one with an open mouth
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Most people think fangirls (and fanboys) are all happy and giddy and stuff. But in reality, we are drowning in our tears...
the daily show with stephen o'connor and other tv characters
Stephen Colbert - TV / Comedy