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프렌치 패션 하우스 ‘크리스찬 디올(Christian Dior)’의 남성복 라인인 ‘디올 옴므(Dior Homme)’가 뉴욕 기반의 패션 매거진 ‘At Large Magazine’과 함께 스케이트보딩 컨셉의 에디토리얼 필름을 공개했습니다.

i just want the whole world to know its real: can't you feel my passion? let me bring you on the starship - you know: smart shit. i just wanna bring your mind to a higher place; teach each other how to elevate. Champion the ones that im near most: fellow outcasts + weirdos. But we do it all without a cosign -- our fkn minds are a gold mine.

"Dracula" - Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Fall 2013

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