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the inside of a building with wood beams and workers working on their workbench
Ateliers ECOTIM II - Picture gallery 10
a woman working in a woodworking shop with lots of work on the tables and shelves
Gallery of Atelier Zelium / Atelier du Vendredi - 15
a woman is standing in the middle of a room with lots of tables and chairs
Gallery of Blue School / Rockwell Group - 13
there are many different items on the wall in this office area, including toothbrushes and combs
[코워킹스페이스 탐방 #9] 현대카드와 스타트업이 만난 공간 ‘스튜디오 블랙’
people are sitting at tables in an office
Airbnb Headquarters in San Francisco / WRNS Studio
an empty room with many different items on the table and shelves in front of them
Niwaki showroom — Jones Neville
two men are working in a large wood - paneled room with lots of tables
Vitsœ Finds New Offices for HQ and Production in Royal Leamington Spa