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Gallery of Winners of Hong Kong 'GIFT' Ideas Competition Announced - 11

Arch2o-Hong-Kong-‘GIFT’-Ideas-Competititon-Winners-Announced-22.jpg (1964×2770)

명지대학교 건축대학 [5학년 Portfolio]2013년도 졸업작품전시회 수상작

명지대학교 건축대학 [5학년 Portfolio]2013년도 졸업작품전시회 수상작

Become A Famous Fashion Designer

Arch2o-Otraparte house museum CORDOBA MEDINA LENNY , Franchesco PULGARIN GARCIA More More

Reclining Headboards

Second Prize: Professor Alan Pert and team members from Nord architecture/landscape firm (Brian McGinlay, Helen-Anne Love, Mark Bell and Rod Kemsley) and Atelier 10 environmental /structures firm