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Gässling / Packaging

Gässling is a small company based in Malmö that makes underwear for men who have grown tired of underwear targeted towards teenagers. All their underwear are ecological produced.

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Kniven – The Knife / Product

Kniven is a classic nautical knife with a weatherproof rosewood handle, broad, curved blade and decorative brass ornament and rivets.

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Senseg / Application

Senseg asked us to create a haptic prototype application of an in-vehicle radio that enables users to find and operate touch screen radio controls by feel.

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Solde / Food Packaging

Solde is a coffee bar and micro roaster located in the heart of Malmö. Blixt & Dunder created new packaging for the four different coffee blends.

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The capital of falafel / Editorial Design

Malmö - The capital of falafel

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The Outpost Issue 3 / Editorial Design

The Outpost - Issue 3

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Kurb Caps / Identity

Kurb Caps is a mother and son company that sells handmade bike caps.

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Blixt – The bow tie / Product

Blixt is a stylish bow tie made out 100% silk.

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What Do You See? / App

A new baby is naturally the focus of its parents attention, and over the first few months millions of questions will surface. One of them is “what is my baby seeing?”.

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