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This board is all about serif fonts, offering serif font inspiration for elegant and modern serif typefaces. Explore a curated collection of high-quality serif…
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the front cover of la roue eleven eleven, featuring an image of a black and white
Serif Font Pairing Inspiration for Luxury Brands | Typography Inspiration
Need ideas for font pairings? Find the perfect mix with Eleven Eleven and The One. Make your brand and website designs beautiful with our trendy fonts and make your brand shine! See how our fonts work in different styles and projects. Start making your brand more beautiful today!
a green book cover with the words photography and family written in white on top of it
Elegant Logo For Wedding Photographer | by Saltd Studio | Photographer Logo Design
A secondary mark we created from one of our Semi-Custom Brands for a wedding photographer brand design. This branding has minimal logos, elegant brand patterns, a green and gold color palette, and is a sophisticated personal brand and photographer brand combined.
a woman is taking a photo with her cell phone while sitting at a black table
Modern and Minimal Branding | Semi-Custom Branding Kit
Darcy is an upscale branding kit designed with a sleek and modern logo style. Great for professional personal branding inspiration. This Semi-Custom Brand is available in the Saltd Shop!
a book cover with the title picking the right sanss serf font on it
Finding the Perfect Sans Serif Font: My Not-So-Secret Formula
Are you on a quest for the perfect modern sans serif font? Discover my not-so-secret formula to picking the right font that balances modernity and timelessness. Dive into the world of font fusions and learn how to select a font that resonates with your audience today and in the future. Read our blog post for the keys to choosing the right font for your brand.