Minimalist Branding

Looking for the best fonts for minimal branding, you're in luck. In this board, I've collected my top minimal font pairings for an ultra modern design look to…
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an ad for the event planning company with a chair and table in the back ground
Brand Font Design & Inspiration for Event Planners | Elegant Serif Font | Fonts by Blanc Salváge
Event planners, meet your new favorite font! Our elegant serif font adds a touch of elegance to any event branding. Available at Blanc Salváge, download it now and start designing an event that's as stylish as it is unforgettable!
Discover Urena: The Sans Serif Font That Transforms Your Designs
Ready to level up your lifestyle, make up, or fashion brand? Get your hands on the Urena — an ultra-wide sans serif font! With 2 weights, this versatile font can take on feminine or masculine vibes and create bold, chic brand identities or striking web designs in no time. You won't want to miss out on this unique and eye-catching font obsession. Don't wait any longer – download it now!
two women in bikinis sitting next to each other
Shop All Fonts — Blanc Salváge
Shop All Fonts — Blanc Salváge