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an animal that is in the middle of a tree
an animated cat standing in the middle of a room with hearts all over it's walls
Vivo — Joey Chou
Vivo — Joey Chou
Dogs, Pluto The Dog, Tigger, Character
two cartoon cats are standing next to each other with the caption, a new melody
a new melody
two cartoon cats standing next to each other on a black background with fireworks in the sky
Vivo 2 A new melody
Kids, Birthday, Miraculous, 3rd Birthday
a cartoon character with purple hair and glasses holding a cat in one hand while another person holds
an animal with a hat and guitar in the woods next to a snake wearing a fedora
an animated character wearing a hat with big eyes and green hair, in a dark room
an animated cartoon character with his arms in the air, and two different images of him
Sony Pictures Animation on Twitter
a cartoon character holding a guitar with a cat on top of it's head
"One More Song"
Is Netflix’s Vivo Worth The Watch?
In our movie review of Vivo, we tell you everything you should know about the Netflix family movie. We tell you if you should watch it, what to expect, and what we liked or disliked about it. Check it out on where we provide weekly entertainment news coverage, movie recommendations, and of course, movie reviews.
a stuffed animal with a hat on top of it's head in front of a red curtain