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a book with the title smile seoul written in multicolored letters on it's cover
서울특별시평생교육진흥원 BROCHURE
다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “서울특별시평생교육진흥원 BROCHURE” https://www.behance.net/gallery/52748609/-BROCHURE
an image of some type of brochure with different colors
가장 처음의 포트폴리오 / 2014 by 유민조미 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
가장 처음의 포트폴리오 - 브랜딩/편집 · UI/UX, 브랜딩/편집, UI/UX, 브랜딩/편집
a brochure designed to look like a business card with red lines on it
an assortment of chocolate bars are shown in different shapes and sizes, including the top one with
nendo Chocolate Design • Selectism... - a grouped images picture
nendo Chocolate Design • Selectism - created via https://pinthemall.net
an image of the ocean with many different colors and lines on it, all in black and white
Seven Summits on Behance... - a grouped images picture | Graphic design inspiration, Layout design, Grafik design
Seven Summits Posters Designed by Riccardo Vicentelli | In order of height: Puncak Jaya for Oceania, Vinson for Antarctica, Elbrus for Europe, Kilimanjaro for Africa, McKinley for North America, Aconcagua for South America and finally Everest for Asia.:
an article in the magazine about men's fashion
layout design
다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “layout design” https://www.behance.net/gallery/11212207/layout-design
a green and white brochure with many different pages
Layout. Isis. Terrorismo. Paris. @fannewsclub @manooons @ddaccataln @cristinallopart @sashacmyk
three different views of an open book with the pages folded up and showing various colors
Business Colorful Trifold
Business Colorful Trifold by Abra Design, via Behance
an open book with pictures and text on the front, side and back pages are shown
오래된 연장통 (2013) by 유민조미 포트폴리오 - 노트폴리오
오래된 연장통 (2013) | 유민정
an image of a web page with many different types of pages and colors on it
Sina Visitor System
我的首页 微博-随时随地发现新鲜事
an array of different types of papers on top of each other with the same color scheme
Minimal Modern Clean Magazine
Minimal Modern Clean Magazine
an assortment of different types of fish and marine animals on display in front of a wooden background
Agenda ccec
Agenda ccec by Ramiro Lozada, via Behance - Graphic design - Print design
the different types of surfboards are shown in this graphic style, including blue and red
boldly — Hillary Jones Design
So trendy but I actually like it. Seem more thoughtfully done than others who try this style.