.Traditional Korean Shoes.

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Suzy in a beautiful full hanbok

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

Sokgot(속곳) means Korean traditional underwear set. This is the original procedure to wear Hanbok Sokgot. You know, these days few people follow these rules... ; But sokgot w...

Pojagi (Korean patchwork) used in a dress. The patches are held together by a fine overcast seam

Hanbok illustration by Katharine Asher


흑립(갓) 그리기도 올려봅니다 전에 올린 남자한복 포스트들이 모두 이어져있으니 눌러서 보시는걸 추천ㅋㅋ 갓은 빨간색이랑 흰색도 있다는 사실 /하단이미지 출처: http://newsplus.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/06/11/2012061100670.html …

Hwahye, Traditional Korean Shoes, also called "flower shoes" because of their likeness to flower petals. Hwahye shoes were worn by the groom and bride during royal weddings and for other occasions such as days of national mourning. There were many types of Hwahye worn by different types of people according to their age, social class, and gender.

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