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four people standing behind a large sign giving thumbs up in front of them with the words wow written on it
新北教育月系列活動開跑 全國首發課程博覽會規模最大 - OwlNews
five men in suits and masks standing on stage
The Singapore Maritime Week 2021
The Singapore Maritime Week 2021 (SMW21) went hybrid this year for the first time to unite industry experts to discuss about digital transformation and decarbonisation efforts of the maritime industry.
a large red structure sitting on the side of a road next to a tall building
M by artist Frank Mandersloot in collaboration with Verburg Hoogendijk Architects
red scaffolding sitting on the side of a road next to tall buildings and traffic
Viewpoint North | South Line. Het Rokin, Amsterdam.
a large pink sculpture sitting next to a tall building
langarita navarro, Jerónimo Hagerman · That Pink Thing
Brand Identity, Beauty Events, Beauty Event, Beauty Brands, Red Ribbon, Grand Opening, Sephora
several people are standing in front of a wall that has gears on it, and one person is fixing another man's tie
three men in suits and hard hats holding shovels standing next to a sand pit
a group of people standing around in a building
Ceremonial Hammers
a group of men standing around each other in front of a building with lights on it
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
Ribbon-cutting at Lakeforest Mall Opening