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옷 주름 그리기 - Google Search #Anatomytutorial Drawing Faces, Cosplay, Pose Reference, How To Draw Hair, Drawing Poses, Drawing Clothes, Drawing Reference, Manga Drawing, Chibi
unisex torso model
옷 주름 그리기 - Google Search #Anatomytutorial
an orange tree filled with lots of ripe fruit next to two baskets full of oranges
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a drawing of people doing different poses
Some motion studies from my sketchbook! I used... - miyuli
Miyuli (Julia K.)
some black and white drawings of cartoon characters
Character Design References
a large piece of art is hanging on the wall
Fenella Elms - Ceramics Artist - Flows. Could try Tea bags soaked in wax, colored wax? Ephemera trapped inside it
a drawing of a bird flying through the air
i like this.. it reminds me of early elementary school when I was asked to draw a "scribble bear" for an assignment.
an art piece made out of black and white paper with spirals on it, in the middle of a room
Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students
Line drawings by Sky Kim: endless, voluptuous, billowing form. :: lovely, i can't wait to draw something like this and i would install it exactly like this, part of it being on the floor! <3
an image of a city with birds flying over it
Illustration inspiration | #499
Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration
a blue and white poster with the words, better life, better home the earth
Love the simpleness of the design. The repetition and scaling of the image creates a movement and tension. The hierarchy is subtle but well defined.
an old book with instructions on how to use the legs and feet for rowings
Instruction: Preston Blair's Advanced Animation Lesson 00 - - Serving the Online Animation Community
Im not into the habbit of posting "animation" art, but I thought this one was extremely educational as well as entertaining. Not only does it capture personality and attitude but also movement. I hope you enjoy this as well as I have.
some drawings of people doing different things in the same direction, including arms and legs