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the steps to make a horse bookcase with cardboard and construction paper, including glue
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
DIY tutoriel étagère mouton
a white book shelf with books on it and a circular mirror behind it that is mounted to the wall
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the instructions for how to make a diy plywood leg table
Give a set of these clamp-on legs to someone who loves making things, or use a set to make a personalized piece of furniture as a gift. $179 per 16" set (available in 5 colors) works with material up to 2" thick. #holidaygifts #homedecor #maker
a collage of two chairs and one chair is on the floor next to each other
RawStudio’s 2Pac Flatpack ChairSlinks: n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
#cncfurniture flat pack chair
a wooden chair next to a cardboard cut out of it's back and side
Chairfix Junior
Flat Pack
a small table sitting in front of a brick wall with an art piece on it
Series I : Matthew de Moiser
Flat pack table
the table is made out of wood and has an interesting design
Flat Pack Table : Matthew de Moiser
Flat Pack Table (Series II): CNC Laser cut
Clever furniture design - and you will always find your clothes Furniture, Child's Room, Room Decor, Kids Bedroom, Cool Furniture
Clever furniture design - and you will always find your clothes
two children's wooden chairs, one with a blue seat and the other with a green seat
INHABITOTS: Lullabaloo Celery Children’s Furniture
a wooden bunk bed sitting on top of a white floor next to a ladder that is attached to the wall
Plywood. Fenolico
a wooden table with multiple pieces of art on it's sides and the top section is made out of plywood
Grymsdyke Farm
Satoshi Isono : Grymsdyke Farm
the table is white and gold with a cross on one side, and an x on the other
Vic Coffee Table
Vic is a flat-pack coffee table made from a single plywood sheet. Its two legs slot easily into the center without the need of any tools or glue.
a person is working on something with wood
Create Less Crap.
Not sure where I could use this joint yet, but I like that it's simple, clean and precise