This dude's stuff is so FLAWLESS. So much information is relayed with the use of solid silhouettes. His first-pass-sketches are so CLEAN and mastered. Most drawings are channel with ERO POWA tho.
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B8ztypxCUAEGghs.png:large (584×1088)

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B-1Yq0UUEAAva4c.png:large (816×1660) MOTHER FUCKING FISHEYE

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B-x_fohUIAALN-9.png:large (676×1200) Shows that lanky figures can be cool too.

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B82MLbPCEAAqWwe.png:large (539×777)

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B71ouPcIUAAPVUe.png:large (679×1216) How on earth did he make it look like she was on the floor, with squarely-above perspective? The use of shadow? I

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B8UqUVnCMAARitm.png:large (888×1242) This nigga can even draw GUYS flawlessly.

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B-IkZ-sCEAAYbC6.png:large (888×857) DO YOU EVEN PERSPECTIVE, BRO?

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B7z_5taCUAEPSjZ.png:large (721×1242) SO FUCKING SWEET, the white strokes in the hair add so much personality.

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B84_-QhCQAMWH5p.png:large (888×535)

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B9yKE1ICIAAkDUM.jpg:large (1024×1024) Notice how dynamic the pompoms are.

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