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3d Animation

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3d animation

Disney Infinity Combat Animation

Here are a bunch of characters I animated on Disney Infinity 1 and 2. This is predominantly combat animation. Mostly this is a collection of playblasts from Maya of combat animation in the concept and blocking phase of animation. Many of these are in stepped mode as that is how I prefer to work when concepting out animation. These playblasts are to show in dailies and get feedback. Typically I don’t do a second round of playblasts after splining and polishing the animations, so to give ...

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Mike Higgins: WILDSTAR Game Animation Reel

Wildstar Game Animation Reel, 2014. All animation by Mike Higgins. Music: "Chua Theme" by Jeff Kurtenacker. Contents: 1) Player Character In-Game Movement, Run, Sprint & Jump- Chua 2) Creature Run cycle- Boulderback 3) NPC Walk Cycle- Grumpel 4) Creature Walk Cycle- Pumera 5) NPC Walk Cycle- Vultureman 6) NPC Run Cycle- Lopp 7) Player Character In-Game Swim Cycles- Chua. 8) Player Character Movement, Dash Forward- Chua 9) Player Character Movement, Jump & Land- Draken ...

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Seth Kendall - WildStar Animation Reel 2014

Some of the animation work I've done on WILDSTAR over the last 6 years or so.