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an orange and black poster with words written in cursive writing
2017 국민대학교 영상디자인학과 졸업전시회
The illustrative look of this poster is very bold and eye-catching. The bright orange looks like a sun, and the scribbles look like clouds the way a child might draw them. This kind of design is very appropriate for the artistic display that it is advertising.
a poster with pink and green shapes on it
Project:陳穎達四重奏春之旅 Type:Poster Design:Chen-Huang Chian Client:The Cave Records Copyright © 2018 Aminus Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
the poster for an upcoming concert with colorful lines on it and two heads facing each other
“ryszard grach — barwy”, 2015, by tomasz berezowski - typo/graphic posters
“ryszard grach – barwy” by tomasz berezowski / poland, 2015 / 700 x 1000 mm
an image of a poster with different colors and numbers on it, including the words's names
@barstrelka #sapphireslows
a large poster with many different images on it
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Graphic Design: Baugasm 365 Posters
several different colored images are shown in the same style and color scheme, each with different shapes
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Graphic Design: Baugasm 365 Posters
an abstract black and white pattern with stripes on it's sides, in the shape of circles
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a woman sitting on a chair with her hand to her face and colorful shapes around her
Ante up your marketing game with a sales-driving big color poster
Ante Up Your Marketing Game with a Sales-driving Big Color Poster [with Free Templates] – Design School
an image of a poster with birds on it
塾なし 高校受験 トップ校
Family Concert - Kotaro Chiba
a poster with different colored strips on it's back and the words dx written in chinese
Ordinary People
a woman standing in front of a field with the words petrichor on it
Luke Brickett - Poster & Print.
Luke Brickett - Poster & Print.
an iphone screen with the text, sale off on it and green lines in the background
Accueil - Le Jardin Graphique
splashes of color through minimal shapes, makes it dynamic. but it has to support the message.
an image of a poster with the words in different languages on it and a white circle
Poster Clau de món by MARIN DSGN #grafica #poster #helvetica
a red and black pattern with numbers on it
Poster series for The Wanderlust by Swiss designer Felix Pfäffli, 2014