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Korea, Goryeo Dynasty, Royal Court Attire, from The Great Seer (hairstyle is Mongol princess)


the staple of every hairstyle is the braid. The most basic daeng'gi meori is a simple braid tied with a ribbon at the end. This is twisted and wrapped into a bun at base of the head to create a jokjin meori. To create the royal hairdos or the gisaeng's eon'jeun meori, you then wrap another huge, long, fat braid around the braided bun, fold it at the top, and pin it at the bottom. The bigger you want your hair to be, the more braids you can add.


The Queen's Dress 1 by Glimja on deviantART


Traditional hairdos for Korean women are largely divided into chignons, the most basic form, and graceful and elaborate ornamental arrangements. Even today, they are ...


Daenggi 1 by Glimja on deviantART


Another clip of Lady Mishil from Great Queen Seondeok. The clothing and hairstyles that she wears are spectacular.


Traditional Hairstyles for Modern Beauties * Gisaeng Style: While traditional Korean dresses are represented by the words "elegant" and "refined," the clothes worn by female entertainers of the Chosun Dynasty exude splendor and voluptuousness. Accentuating them, the hairdo known as "tre meori" features a braided coil. This style is often found in the genre paintings of the era.