Office spaces, Lobby, breakouts.
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an empty room with wooden walls and cupboards
Steven Vandenborre Architecten, Tim Van de Velde · Vandewiele Offices
the interior of a restaurant with wooden chairs and round tables in front of large mirrors
a woman is sitting on a bench in the middle of an open space with stairs
Gallery of Yangtze Opus Wuhan Art Museum / Waterfrom Design - 25
people are sitting and standing in an office with chairs, tables, and couches
Brainium Studios Offices - Portland | Office Snapshots
an empty table and chairs in a room with wooden partitions on the wall behind them
Fosbury & Sons | Brussel - de compagnie
Fosbury & Sons | Brussel / Antwerpen - de compagnie
a blue couch and table in a room with wood paneling on the walls,
Seating Nook
three people sitting on benches in the middle of a lobby with stairs and planters
ABN Group HQ | Woods Bagot
an empty office space with wooden desks and shelves
Gallery of ORIGINAL CONCEPT Studio Office / Shire Space Research - 1
an open door in the middle of two tall white pillars
YinjiSpace - JLa x Tianshui Poly Time Impression Sales Centre
an empty room with several brown doors and lights on the wall, in front of a white ceiling
TCD² | 咫尺游廊,上海容居生活馆
a round white object sitting on top of a counter in front of a beige wall
two photographs of people walking in and out of an office building, one is looking up at the ceiling
Hassell | Our Projects. Architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design.
an overhead view of people sitting at tables in a lobby with their backs to the camera
Pelle Leathers collaborates with ANZ | IndesignLive