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two pieces of black and white brochure with geometric shapes on the front, one in
the grid. an actual technicality that designers use for layouts that most magazines don't usually show
two pages of paper on top of a wooden table next to a person's hand
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Editorial Design Inspiration: Dale Magazine
a large number of different types of boats in the ocean with blue and red colors
Clara Fernández / Cósmico_
an open book with black and white images on it
/// N-A-MAGAZINE-ISSUE-2 http://cargocollective.com/
several lines are shown in black and white
Y... - a grouped images picture
Federico Kanno- really detailed grid | So clever and text heavy but light, fucking love this shit
several different types of papers stacked on top of each other with black and white images
versatile design theme (lines) that can me manipulated to show, visually, information. :)
several different types of papers stacked on top of each other in various colors and sizes
Street-Cred / Magazine
a bunch of papers stacked on top of each other with different pictures in the middle
... - a grouped images picture
... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All
an array of different types of papers are stacked on top of each other in rows
Portfolio Booklet
Portfolio Booklet by Emre Ozbek
an image of a red and white brochure that is being held by someone's hand
Héma-Québec by Ulys Bourassa Cousin layout design. Love this one, striking yet simple.
an open book with yellow pages and black lettering on the front, back and side
Book Series
Book Series by Jessica Giboin, via Behance
the end of summer concert ticket is shown in black and white, with waves on it
Saturdays Magazine
Saturdays Blog
three different types of electronic devices are shown in this graphic design process, including an iphone and
Mein Honig – Brand Identity
Mein Honig – Brand Identity by Thomas Lichtblau, via Behance