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a woman standing in front of a blue background with the words i'm sorry on it
Other way to say I'm sorry
a poster with words that say ways to say also in english and spanish, as well as
28 Ways to Say ALSO in English - Lessons For English
an english poster with some words in the middle and one that says, antonys for hover
English Synonyms However, Definition and Examples - English Grammar Here
words to use instead of help
HELP Synonym: List of 14 Synonyms for Help (with Useful Examples)
a poster with words to use instead of increase in the english speaking skills for kids
INCREASE Synonym: List of 15 Synonyms for Increase with Examples
the different types of glasses that are used to describe what is in each eyeglass
English Grammar Tests - Fluent Land
a poster with some words on it that say confusing verbs and how to use them