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In ancient Korea, and particularly in Joseon Dynasty, arsenic-sulfur compounds have been used as a major ingredient of sayak (사약; 賜藥), which was a poison cocktail used in capital punishment of high-profile political figures and members of the royal family. Due to social and political prominence of the condemned, many of these events were well-documented, often in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty; they are sometimes portrayed in historical television miniseries because of their dramatic nature

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bronze armor and helmet of ancient Korea

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Korean children dressed for their wedding, 1916. Margaret G. Zackowitz

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Ancient Korea - The Ancient Kingdoms of Korea

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Three Kingdoms, Ancient Korea

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Korean Mask | Ancient Korea - The Ancient Kingdoms of Korea

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19.yangban:-part of the traditional ruling class or nobles of dynastic Korea during Joseon dynasty. -It is powerful and keep monopoly on access to high status.

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Korea. The ancient Shilla capital in gyeong-ju is really beautiful and interesting

A Rare Glimpse Into Ancient Korea’s Silla Kingdom » The Epoch Times

Ancient Guanyin statue Marble statue located in a cave that is part of Gwaneumsa Temple near Kaesong, North Korea