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Drawings of Cars to Print | Printable coloring pictures of sports cars

Lamborghini Countach | Lamborghini Countach 25. Anniversary, Bj. 1988

Car Pencil Sketching Tutorial

Before the invention of pen tablet etc pencil use to be the tool for sketching out design ideas ,the shape of everyone's favourite car or gadget was first put on paper before advancing to the level of finished products like,for example architect use to sketch their plan on a piece of paper before the house or building is even constructed which goes for every object or invention that exist today.This shows how pencil has improved our way of life in terms of technology etc.

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More Drawings of that upcoming TT-Based Concept for Beijing Motor Show -

65 YEARS OF LAND ROVER - Illustrations on Behance

A sports car sketch by Brook Banham of Middlecott Design. Middlecott will host a sketch battle as part of the Detroit Design Festival.

Discover the #design birth of the #Renault Sport R.S. 01 - (c) Renault Design - Droits réservés

Discover the #design birth of the #Renault Sport R.S. 01 - (c) Renault Design - Droits réservés

The Art of Concept Cars

THE LUST IN A CONCEPT CAR - Multiple designs are created to show all sides of the cars interior and exterior. Every angle must be illustrated; this is to avoid any bugs during the later rendering process. There are many programmes out there used to create concept car sketches, creative professionals use tools from Autodesk Alias, Computer aided design (CAD) and Adobe Photoshop.