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a bowl of sun dried tomatoes with fresh cherry tomatoes on a vine all on a counter
How to Make Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes from Your Vegetable Garden (step-by-step guide!)
Sun dried cherry tomatoes are fun to make, delicious, and a great way to use up the excess tomatoes from your vegetable garden. In this post, I’ll give you my simple recipe, and show you how to make them in either your oven or a dehydrator. Making homemade sun dried cherry tomatoes is the best way to preserve their flavor year-round. It is incredibly easy, and can be done with any quantity or size of tomatoes!
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How to Prune Tomato Plants For Maximum Production (detailed step-by-step guide!)
I’ll tell you why you should trim tomatoes, which types of tomato plants need it, and when to prune tomatoes, step-by-step. If your tomato plants grow huge every summer, but don’t produce much fruit, then it’s time to bring out your pruning shears. Getting into the habit of trimming tomatoes on a regular basis will give you the biggest and best yield.
how to grow rhubarb complete plant care guide tips, tricks and faqs
Growing Rhubarb in Your Garden (Complete Plant Care Guide!)
In this plant care guide designed for beginners, you'll learn everything you need to know about growing rhubarb in your vegetable garden, no matter what your skill level. You’ll find all of the essential information about soil, water, fertilizer, sun, temperature, pest control, disease prevention and much more. Plus, my tips, tricks and FAQs to get the best harvest.
a head of broccoli growing from the center of the plant in a garden Garden And Yard, Shade Garden, Pests
How to Grow Broccoli in Your Vegetable Garden (Complete Plant Care Guide!)
To have the best possible success growing broccoli in your vegetable garden, first you must learn about the ins and outs of broccoli plant care. This comprehensive plant care guide on how to grow broccoli is perfect for gardeners of any skill level. You’ll learn about timing, location, sun, water, soil, pest control, and so much more.
green tomatoes growing on the vine in a garden Trellis, Planters, Red, Green, Vines, Backyard
Tomatoes Not Turning Red? 5 Tricks to Turn Your Tomatoes Red
Sometimes tomatoes can be slow to ripen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help to speed things up. If you’re tired of your tomatoes not ripening on the vine, then try these easy hacks to turn green tomatoes red in no time. If you’re tired of being stuck with tons of green tomatoes in the fall, I’ve got you covered.
different photos of bags of fertilizers for veggies Plant Food, Fertilizer, Growing Food, Natural Plant Food, Organic Soil, Organic Fertilizer
Ultimate Guide to the Best Fertilizers for Your Vegetable Garden (great for beginners!)
Selecting the best fertilizers for a vegetable garden can seem complex and overwhelming, especially for beginners. What are those three numbers? Should you choose granules or liquids? My goal with this handy guide is to answer those questions and help new gardeners choose the best organic and natural plant food for their veggies.
a hand holding freshly harvested onion bulbs Tips, Best, Easy, Onion, The Cure, Harvest
How and When to Harvest Onions from Your Vegetable Garden (plus, storing tips!)
In this detailed guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about harvesting onions from your vegetable garden. Including how to determine when they are ready, how to properly pick them, and tips for storing onions so they last longer. It can be difficult for gardening beginners to know when they are ready. So in this post, I'll tell you how to figure out when to pick onions for the biggest and best crop and show you exactly how to do it.
a bowl of brussels sprouts over the brussels sprouts plant growing in a garden Africa, Regrow Vegetables, Harvesting Brussel Sprouts, Gardening Tips, Gardening For Beginners, Brussel Sprout Plant
Harvesting Brussels Sprouts (step-by-step guide!)
you’ll learn how to tell when they are ready to pick, plus I’ll show you step by step exactly how to gather them, and even give you tips for using, and storing them for later. you’ll learn all about harvesting Brussels sprouts. How many you can gather at once, whether they will grow back, and how often you can pick them.
mason jars with dried peppers in them Foods, Cooking, Dried, Frozen, Food
How to Dry Peppers 5 Easy Ways (step-by-step guide!)
Got peppers from your vegetable garden? Drying peppers using any of the techniques in this guide will extend the shelf life of your produce. Plus they make a great addition to your recipes all year round. Drying peppers is easy and doesn’t take much time. In this post, I’ll show you the 5 best ways to dry peppers, with step-by-step instructions for each. It's all covered here, from drying peppers in the oven to using a dehydrator to dry peppers.
a green and purple kohlrabi plant just harvested from a garden Vertical Trellis, Starting A Garden, Kitchen Garden, Pest Control
How to Grow KohlrabI (ultimate plant care guide!)
Learning how to grow kohlrabi in your vegetable garden starts with understanding what it needs to thrive. This detailed plant care guide is designed to teach you just that. Everything you need to grow kohlrabi is included here, from where and when to plant, to details on watering, sun, soil, fertilizer, temperature, pest control, how to harvest kohlrabi, and much more.
the cover of an article about how to harvest tomatoes from your garden, with images of green vegetables and text overlay
When and How to Harvest Tomatillos From Your Garden (plus, how to store tomatillos!)
I’ll show you how to tell when tomatillos are ripe, the best way to pick them, and where to store them. In this tomatillo harvesting guide, you’ll learn all you need to know so you can easily tell when they’re ready, and also how to properly pluck them. I’ll even give you some storage tips.
a hard with two freshly harvested kohlrabi plants - one purple and one green. Seed Starting, Fresh, Organic Pest Control
How to Harvest Kohlrabi (step-by-step guide plus how to store it!)
Got kohlrabi growing in your vegetable garden and wondering how to harvest it? The steps for harvesting kohlrabi are actually very simple and straightforward. It is very important to get the timing right though. In this kohlrabi harvesting guide, I’ll show how to tell when they are ready, the best way to pick kohlrabi, and even give you tips for using and storing your garden fresh kohlrabi harvest.
How to Grow Peppers to Get the Biggest Harvest (ultimate plant care guide!)
Whether you grow peppers in pots or in your vegetable garden, pepper plant care is the same. Discover everything you need to know, including when and where to plant peppers, light, sun, water, pruning, pest control, fertilizer and so much more in this ultimate pepper plant care guide. Follow these easy tips for growing peppers, and you’ll have your biggest and best harvest ever!
a container filled with marigolds ready to be planted over a huge vegetable garden with a tall arch with squash plants growing up and over it Outdoor, Companion Planting Guide, Companion Gardening
The Ultimate Guide to Companion Planting In Your Vegetable Garden
Also referred to as “companion gardening” or “companion cropping”, companion planting is a way of grouping compatible vegetable plants together so that they will enhance or benefit each other in different ways. Companion gardening has many benefits, including controlling pests, diseases, and weeds in the vegetable garden. This companion planting list includes many of the common vegetables you probably are already growing and shows you what plants grow best together.
harvested cucumbers sitting on the ground When To Harvest Cucumbers, When To Pick Cucumbers, Growing Veggies
How to Harvest Cucumbers from Your Vegetable Garden (how to pick them the right way!)
In this vegetable harvesting guide, I’ll show you how to tell when your cucumbers are ready to harvest, so you can pick them at the perfect time. You’ll also get tips for how to harvest cucumbers correctly, and what to do with your bounty. Harvesting cucumbers frequently is also the best way to encourage them to produce even more!