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85+ Deer Resistant Plants for Your Garden (plus, tips for keeping deer away!)
If you’re looking for plants that deer won’t eat, then this guide is for you! If you’ve ever discovered deer eating the plants in your garden, you know first hand just how destructive they can be. You’ll find a list of the best deer-resistant annual flowers, shrubs, perennials, vegetables, and herbs to grow in your garden. I'll also give you a ton of ideas for deer-resistant plants, plus some tips for keeping these furry pests out of your garden.
How to Paint Terracotta Plants (with step-by-step instructions!)
Painting terracotta pots is a fun way to add color to your home and garden, or to give someone a thoughtful handmade personalized gift. In this tutorial, you’ll learn what type of paint to use, how to prepare your terracotta pots beforehand for the best results, and how to seal them afterward so your design will last as long as possible. It's a wonderful garden project that kids can get involved with, too!
a hand holding a large vibrant red tomato Shaded Garden, Vegetable Garden, Tomato Companion Plants, Canning Tomatoes, Tomato Pruning, When To Pick Tomatoes
When and How to Pick Tomatoes from Your Garden (to get the best flavor and texture!)
Knowing exactly when tomatoes are ready to harvest is key for enjoying them at their peak of flavor and freshness. In this detailed harvesting guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring in your best and most delicious crop of tomatoes. Learn how to tell when tomatoes are ready to harvest, and how to safely remove them from the vine without causing damage or splitting.
three seed starting method for every gardener should try
3 Simple Seed Starting Methods Every Gardener Should Try!
Did you know that there’s more than one seed starting method? Yes, it’s true, and they each have their own unique purpose. For beginners, understanding how to determine the best seed starting method is the first step, and this guide will give you the confidence to choose what’s right for your seeds. Whether you’re interested in flowers or vegetables, it’s important to combine direct sowing, starting seeds indoors, and winter sowing to create a happy environment for seedlings. #DIYseedstarting
How to Paint Terracotta Pots (Step-by-Step tutorial plus video!)
Painting terracotta pots is a fun way to add color to your home or garden. In this tutorial for how to paint terracotta pots you’ll also learn: what paint to use on terracotta plant pots, how to prepare your pots for painting, and how to seal clay pots. Also provided are terracotta pot painting ideas. The options and possibilities really are endless, and they are all budget-friendly. #DIYpaintedpots
flowers that are growing in the garden with text overlaying it reads 13 of the fastest flower seeds you can grow
13 Easy Annual Flowers To Grow From Seed
Finding easy annual flowers to grow from seed can be complicated, especially for beginners. To help make finding ones for your experience level easier, I’ve put together this handy list of 13 annual flower seeds that even a new gardener can grow. I’ve included options for everyone, including those that can be started indoors and direct sow annuals. I’ve also shared details on each one, like which are best for containers, shady spots, and which ones will attract beneficial insects like bees.
some vegetables are growing in the garden with text overlay that reads, 23 of the fastest vegetable seeds you can grow
23 Easiest Vegetables To Grow From Seed
When it comes to beginner vegetable gardening, starting from seed is often more difficult. Which is why I put together a helpful list of the 23 easiest vegetables to grow from seed to help new gardeners increase their success. It includes a range of greens, root veggies, squash, and more so you can confidently plant a variety and watch them grow. Get my tips on choosing vegetable garden beginner seeds and discover which are cold hardy, which prefer warm weather, and my variety recommendations.
how to test garden soil using a diy soil test kit for kids and adults
How To Test Your Soil At Home Using A Soil Test Kit
If you struggle to grow healthy and productive plants in your garden, then there's probably something wrong with the soil. It's impossible tell if the soil is fertile just by looking at it. Don't worry, garden soil testing is easy! Learn how to test your soil at home using an inexpensive DIY soil test kit. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to test the nutrients and pH levels of your soil so you can grow the best flower and vegetable gardens every time. #gardening #plants
hydrangeas with text overlay how to grow hydrangeas complete care guide
How To Grow Hydrangeas: Complete Care Guide
If you want to plant hydrangeas there are a few things to keep in mind. Learn about the different varieties and how to choose where to grow this part shade flowering shrub. Find out everything you need to know to care for your hydrangeas so they produce lots of flowers year after year. Enhance your landscaping with large blooms that can change colors with a different soil acidity. Keep this big, bushy plant happy and healthy with the right pruning and water for the best long-lasting flowers.
the ultimate guide to growing cilantro in your garden
Growing Cilantro - How To Care For Coriander Plant - Get Busy Gardening
When it comes to growing cilantro, there are many factors that affect your success. But with comprehensive guides like this one available to beginners, everyone can learn how to grow cilantro from seeds outdoors, indoors, or in containers. You’ll learn tips on where and what time of year to plant, what kind of care cilantro needs to grow, and how to handle things like pests and diseases. You’ll be equipped with everything you need from seed to harvest to enjoy a fresh herb from your garden.
two ladybugs sitting on top of a green plant with the words, information about ladybugs beneficial garden predators
All About Ladybugs & Why They're Good For Your Garden
Is your garden regularly overrun with detrimental bugs like aphids and mealybugs? Ladybugs may be the natural pest solution you need. Help your organic garden flourish by learning how to attract and keep ladybugs in your yard to clean up all those pests for you. Find out all about their lifecycle, diet, and what makes them happy in a garden. Learn to distinguish between the beneficial native species and the invasive varieties to improve the habitat without resorting to chemical pesticides.
a box of beneficial nematoes next to a container of pests
Using Beneficial Nematodes To Control Garden Pests
Get rid of harmful garden grubs with a targeted, all-natural insect control: beneficial nematodes! Learn all about how these interesting organisms eat grubs and insect larvae to prevent large infestations of the adults. Find out when and how to apply your beneficial nematodes for garden protection all season long. Use these helpful creatures to proactively defend your yard from pest insects in an organic and non-toxic way that doesn’t harm pollinators, pets, and other beneficial critters.
a potted plant with pink flowers in it and the words how to care for cylamen plants ultimate growing guide
Cyclamen Plant Care & Growing Guide - Get Busy Gardening
Looking for a winter blooming plant to brighten up your house once it starts getting cold? Cyclamen is a classic houseplant choice with its unique growing cycle. Learn how to care for your indoor or outdoor plant with this in-depth guide which includes watering and fertilizing instructions (don’t get the leaves wet!) as well as pot recommendations and troubleshooting tips. Find out how to grow your cyclamen for long lasting flowers that return year after year with the right care.
garden design with the text how to create a rain garden design step by step instructions
How To Design A Rain Garden Layout
You can design a rain garden that works perfectly for your yard. Follow my step by step instructions that guide you through every aspect of the planning and layout process. Learn what spots to avoid, and what to look for in designing your rain garden. Find the perfect place in your yard for this unique and functional landscape feature that prevents erosion, and soggy ground, while still being beautiful. Get all the ideas you need to plan to put one in the best area of your front or backyard.
the ultimate guide to growing vegetables in your garden
Growing Vegetables: The Ultimate Veggie Garden Guide
If you’re interested in growing vegetables in pots, containers, raised beds, or even in a plot in your backyard, my ultimate guide on vegetable gardening for beginners has all the answers and more. Starting a veggie garden from scratch can feel daunting, especially for someone without experience. But, with my tricks and tips for a healthy vegetable garden, you can get started with confidence and have a resource for planning, design, planting, and troubleshooting at hand whenever you need it.