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an empty glass bottle sitting on top of a blue floor next to a white wall
Substrate Liquid Shader by Corentin Demougeot on ArtStation
💧🚰 Take a sip of this. Artwork by Corentin Deougeot. … #3D #RealTime #Textures #TechnicalArt #UnrealEngine #UE5 #ArtStationHQ
sand castle made out of sand on the beach
Beach Sand
Winter weather has you craving some sun? Check out Oday Abuzaeed’s post featuring procedural beach sand
an artistically designed blue and gold cloth with planets on it, hanging from a purple background
Nodevember 2022 Day 25-26: Ominous Skies
Sabrina Feist's dreamy, playful fabric was inspired by "a cloudy sky that promises a storm"
a person standing on top of a mosaic floor
Lion Mosaic - Substance Designer
A design fit for royalty 👑 Learn more about this procedural Substance 3D Designer material by artist Antoine Déjean at the pinned link
Quilt material study
The perfect chilly weather companion 🛏️ ☕ 3D “Quilt material study” by Matteo Scopel, based on work by Kaffe Fassett Music: Danny Bale - Grevillea Music
an orange ball with swirls painted on it's surface in the dark blue background
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope - Beacon Beach Materials
See 13 beautiful materials by artist Diego Silva for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope on ArtStation
Blade Of The Astral Gardener
The star of Lucy Russell's "Astral Gardener" blade is this stunning opal material 🔮 3D artwork by Lucy Russell, based on a 2D concept by Maeve B
UE5 Grass Material + Breakdown!
Feel instant calm with these visuals by Joe Taylor 🌿 UE5 grass material breakdown at the pinned link.
A study in realistic gem rendering by Dennis Welling Fantasy Necklace Concept Art, Fantasy Necklace, Bad Boy Aesthetic, Marvel Spiderman Art, Diamond Jewelry Designs, Gem Necklace, Futuristic Fashion, Pop Out
A study in realistic gem rendering by Dennis Welling
Basic Metal Smart Materials
Tempered metal by Javad Rajabzade. Find it on the ArtStation Marketplace at the pinned link!
several different types of sewing supplies on a table
Moments: a study exploring lighting, fabrics, and how these elements behave with each other. See more from Reynante Martinez at the pinned link
Witch Birch
This is "Witchwood Birch", a magical material experiment by JOHNNY M 🍃
an old tree trunk is shown against a black background
Dead Trees
Sculpting, texturing, and lighting practice by Maxime Guyard-Morin
Procedural Sci-fi Material Generator
Artwork created by John Enderle using his custom Procedural Sci-fi Material Generator
an animated man with furry ear pieces on his head and shoulders, standing in front of a blue sky
Realtime Fur Mantle
"The goal here was to set up a base for future groom projects as well so I wanted it to be flexible. Currently, you can update the base colour in a variety of manners." Learn more about artist Hamish Bryant's "Realtime Fur Mantle" project at the pinned link