"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul, in a thousand different ways" - Oscar Wilde
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an old piece of fabric with holes in the middle and brown thread on it's edges
some sort of wood with holes in it
an abstract painting with lots of different shapes and sizes
a piece of art that is on display
Tiwi islands Art by Lame Toby Mungatopi
Tiwi islands Art by Lame Toby Mungatopi Tiwi Painting is usually rendered in an abstract often geometric style. These styles look abstract but represent ancestral lines whose meaning is clear only to the Artist. Backgrounds covered in with lines, crosshatching or dots. Stripling is also common and done with a tool unique to the area. Bark painting was originally on bark bags and then later done on square pieces of bark.
a piece of art that is made out of wood and has circles on the top
Tiwi island Art by Declan Apuatimi
Although Declan Apuatimi did several bark Paintings he is best known for his Aboriginal sculpture. He is a well-known artist from the Tiwi Island and has a very distinctive style of carving.
an old piece of paper that has been altered to look like it is flying through the sky
3 Textures
3 Textures | Stremmel Gallery
an abstract painting with circles and dots in red, orange and brown colors on a black background
a piece of art that is on the wall
Early Tiwi bark painting by unknown artist
a man sitting on a bench in front of a brick wall with his back to the camera
Studio Ko - Martien Mulder
Studio Ko - Martien Mulder