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Wedding lunch buffet dessert. Melon mousse cake piece, pumpkin pound cup cake, injeolmi (Korean traditional rice cake made from the glutinous rice and coated with bean flour), gyeongdan (rice ball cake (covered with crushed bean flakes)), pumpkin glutinous rice cake, choco and coconut cookies, glutinous rice cake with adzuki beans covered with sesame.

Lotte Department Store Macadamia Roca chocolate with solid caramel.

2016.1.17. Lindt Lindo Assorted chocolate bought at Lotte Department Store main branch

2016.1.29. With cuneiform and Hebrew teacher and professors ate Italian food. Salad with mushroom and tomato. Because of lightening photos were blurred.

Squid ink spaghetti. Not many Italian restaurants have the menu. Have a good day. ^_^

2016.1.31. Wernli Mini choco petit beurre assorti for me and Cantucci D'abruzzo Italian boscoti walnuts cookies for Sujung.

2016.2.7. Chocolate, desserts, and cosmetics from duty free shop and Japan for families. Susan's present.

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs. When I was young, mom gave me a liqueurs chocolate she had been given as the present from her patient. From then I like but don't have a chance to taste chocolate liqueurs.

2016.2.9. Creme brûlee, bread sorts, and cappucino near MMCA.

2016.2.14. Happy Valentine's Day. Have a good day. ^_^

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