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Food Photo

Foods at restaurant and cafe
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Chocolates and seaweed jelly bought at Lotte Department Store Cheongnyangni branch. Mom chose many desserts.

2016.4.17. Prabean cafe near the church grape fruit smoothie and espresso cookie Susan chose, Affogato for me. With Susan studied oriental medicine exam study on tongue's health diagnosis to whole body condition.

2016.4.2. With mom dropped at mom's clinic and on the way to see cherry blossom trees ate Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Raw Fish.

2016.3.5. Porridge. There are many different kinds of porridge in porridge restaurant. Ate with Sujung a few days ago.

Sikhye (sweet rice drink), Sujeonggwa (persimmon punch), sweet potato cake, cheese cake.

Sujeonggwa (persimmon punch) with dates, rambutan, lychee, grape, sweet persimmon, watermelon, chocolate cakes and oreo fresh cream cake.

Salmon, raw tuna, egg sushi, raw fish, shrimp sushi, macaroni with cheese, noodle.

Cuttlefish, salmon, shrimp, clam, salted seafood sushis, and raw fish.

2016.2.27. With mom at the wedding of the church acquaintance. Like the buffet's many food serving menus. Chilly sauce shrimp, mussel, salmon, Korean-style raw beef, Soy Sauce Marinated Crab, Sweet and Sour Pork, fried catfish, Millet Pancake, cauliflower, tomato and cheese. I liked fried catfish.

2016.2.21. At Lotte Department Store main branch bought biscotti cookie for Sujung and Bahlsen Deloba Red.