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This board collected multi-purpose presentation templates for business. These templates can help design kind of business proposal made with PowerPoint or…
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심플한 제안서 파워포인트 템플릿 레이아웃
제안서 파워포인트 템플릿
심플한 제안서 파워포인트 템플릿 레이아웃
깔끔한 블랙앤화이트와 베이지 컬러의 조화, 그리고 레드 포인트가 멋진 베이직 PPT 디자인입니다.
깔끔한 기본 PPT 디자인
깔끔한 블랙앤화이트와 베이지 컬러의 조화, 그리고 레드 포인트가 멋진 베이직 PPT 디자인입니다.
an image of a wall with many different pictures on it, all in grey and white
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예쁜 PPT 만들기 방법 - 뮤즈 PPT 템플릿은 파워포인트, 키노트에서 편집할 수 있습니다.
the business plan presentation template is displayed on a blue and white background with several different elements
Business Plan Presentation Keynote Template
This presentation template is so versatile that it can be used in many different businesses. This keynote can be used for real estate market review, new business funding request, product review, marketing and promotions post launch review, market research, social media impact studies, education and training.
an image of a presentation board with many different sections
Simple Portfolio Pitch Deck
Simplify your message with style! Our Elegant Minimalist Template is designed for clarity and impact, suited for creative agencies seeking to impress clients.
the powerpoint presentation is displayed in green and white colors, with arrows pointing to different locations
StartUp Powerpoint
These are professional slides for your presentation. We have collected all possible slide options for you, which will help you create the best presentation. Don’t spend time for searches of the presentations, download this professional template and the rest of the time spend on preparation of your speech!
an assortment of brochures and booklets are displayed on a black surface with white writing
뮤즈 파워포인트 테마
세련된 자기소개를 위한 뮤즈 파워포인트 테마
the blue and white presentation slideshow is displayed on top of each other, with different font
깔끔한 PPT 템플릿
깔끔한 프레젠테이션 테마 디자인
a large number of different types of webpages and infografics in one place
Great Corporate
Presentation for your business. Includes 300 unique and professional slides. Includes tables, which can be easily edited without additional knowledge.
an image of the layout for a presentation
Minimalist PowerPoint Design
Streamline your storytelling with an Elegant Minimalist Presentation Template. Ideal for conveying creative concepts with a clean and modern flair.
an image of a set of brochures with different colors and shapes on them
포트폴리오 PPT 디자인
심플한 포트폴리오 PPT 디자인 레이아웃
an open slide presentation with geometric shapes
Business Pitch Deck
This template isn’t just a bunch of slides created without any thought or purpose. Each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations.