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a small origami cow with a green crown on its head
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two white origami cranes standing next to each other on a brown surface,
24 Beautiful Migratory Origami Birds for the #OrigamiMigration
an origami fox is shown on a white background with no one around it
Wolf, designed and folded by Tetsuya Gotani
an origami figure is sitting on the floor
Hooded Knight - Kim DongHyeon by Kim DongHyeon
how to make an origami deer from paper step by step instructions for beginners
Diagram Deer-Yasushi Miyashita
Ruby Book Origami: Diagram Deer-Yasushi Miyashita
a man sitting on the floor next to a paper animal that looks like a deer
Deer - Satoshi kamiya by javier vivanco origami
Fold a sword out of paper, that’s cool
How to fold love bookmarks, super simple
Size indicated in the video: 15*15CM
Fold a cute lazy cat, medium difficulty
Fold a lovely cat out of paper, come on
7.5*7.5CM ordinary paper, be careful not to make the paper too thick. Paper size can be chosen at will
a blue origami dog standing on top of a wooden table
Origami Cat Tutorial
a wooden bear figurine on a white background
Leather Polar Bear by Deru
the diagram shows different types of ropes and how they are used to tie them together