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an image of a building that looks like it has been built into the sky with lots of windows
네이버 메일
이번 주에 가장 인기 있었던 8개의 건축물 관련 핀
a tall building with a rainbow painted on it's side in the middle of a city
妹島和世+西沢立衛(SANAA)のニュー・ミュー ジアム: 彦坂尚嘉の《第41次元》アート
an orange building is on the side of a road in front of a blue sky
Clippings | Furniture & Lighting | From Inspiration to Installation
Broadcasting Place, UK : Leeds development - design by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
two tall buildings sitting next to each other on top of a lush green field under a blue sky
GAD would need to design the building envelope to maximize light and views, while limiting the shadows that the towers cast on neighboring buildings. In order to achieve this, an adaptive sky exposure plane simulation was prepared with the aid of a Grasshopper plug-in for Rhinoceros 3D. #GADarchitecture #GAD #gokhanavcioglu #gokhan #avcioglu #residential #architecture #architectural #drawing #plans #istanbul #maltepe #residence #apartments #design #3D #grasshopper #rhinoceros #facade #towers
a very tall building sitting in the middle of a city
The Standard by Polshek Partnership Architects
an architectural rendering of a building with many windows
Twin Towers Wienerberg
Modelo arquitectónico; Torres Gemelas. DMAA.
three different views of the same building with multiple sections in each section, including one that has
Vertical Fish Market Based on Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ - eVolo | Architecture Magazine
Vertical Fish Market Based on Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ // ... The proposal is a cluster of sculpted volumes individually shaped according to various programs; being the most important one, a vertical fish market that is surrounded by interior pedestrian streets with satellite programs such as restaurants, radio station, cinema, bar, café, and fitness center. ...
an architectural model of a building made out of metal pipes and wire, on a white surface
Four Towers in One Competition / Morphosis
Four Towers in One Competition / Morphosis
an architectural drawing of a building with red arrows pointing to the ground
Z9 CBD Beijing [CN] >> Headquarter tower in Beijing's Central Business District
an image of some type of architecture that looks like it has been designed in green and white
‎Connecting to Apple Podcasts
Ecological Skyscraper in Paris with Green Terraces in Each Floor >> French architect Jaubert Francois proposes a new skyscraper for Paris that consists of two towers joined by a vertical park that starts at the ground plane and finishes at a soccer pitch on the rooftop. The “Hyper-Tower” is a mixed-use development with residential and sports facilities on the top levels and commercial and leisure areas in the first floors. .... The UX Blog podcast is also available on iTunes.
a model of a tall building with plants growing on the top and bottom floors, in front of a black background
Model Monday: Transbay Block 9It’s no secret that San Francisco is hungry for housing. Soon, an architecturally innovative and environmentally sustainable vertical community will break ground in San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center District. SOM collaborated with Fougeron Architecture and Powell & Partners to create Block 9, a tower flanked by two lower volumes. The project not only provides both market rate and affordable units, but also strengthens Folsom Street as a new major comme...
an aerial view of a tall building in the middle of a city with mountains in the background
Millennium Tower Business Centre (WBCB) | Asymptote Architecture - Arch2O.com
Millennium Tower Business Centre (WBCB), Busan, South Korea by Asymptote Architecture :: height 550m
an artistic rendering of a futuristic city with skyscrapers and boats on the riverbank
Top Architect in the World