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Balcão portátil desmontável
Balcão portátil: beleza e praticidade em um único produto. Pode ser transportado no porta-malas do carro. Dimensões montado: 60x120cm e 84cm de altura. Disponível no site Acesse e pesquise por BALCÂO WhatsApp (18) 9-8155-3070 Rua Marechal Deodoro, 696 Araçatuba-SP.
the shelves are made out of wood and have white boards on each shelf, along with other items
a wooden bench sitting in the grass next to a book shelf and shelving unit
Rustic Up
Rustic Exhibit Booths Portable Exhibits Rustic Wooden Exhibits 10x10
a drawing of a baby's room with shelves and a sink in the corner
some furniture and shelves with text overlay that says craft fair display items you can find on amazon
Things You Need for Your Next Craft Fair!
Check out some of the items available on Amazon you can use to display items at your next craft fair, festival or farmers market.
the floor plan for a restaurant with seating areas and tables, including an overhead kitchen area
I’m way too detail oriented!
a craft show checklist with instructions to make it easier
Artist Blog | Craft Show Checklist