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Halo 4 Animation Show Reel - Will Christiansen in Animation Reel on Vimeo


Mike Higgins: WILDSTAR Game Animation Reel

Wildstar Game Animation Reel, 2014. All animation by Mike Higgins. Music: "Chua Theme" by Jeff Kurtenacker. Contents: 1) Player Character In-Game Movement, Run, Sprint & Jump- Chua 2) Creature Run cycle- Boulderback 3) NPC Walk Cycle- Grumpel 4) Creature Walk Cycle- Pumera 5) NPC Walk Cycle- Vultureman 6) NPC Run Cycle- Lopp 7) Player Character In-Game Swim Cycles- Chua. 8) Player Character Movement, Dash Forward- Chua 9) Player Character Movement, Jump & Land- Draken ...


Alex Rylkin Show Reel

Cycles-Alex Rylkin Show Reel by Alex Rylkin. This is Alex Rylkin Show Reel. Here is just a few part of my animations for a RPG games ("Heroes of Might and Magic V", "Desciples III", "Allodes Online").


A small sample of work from Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. I've only been on the project for a year so I'm glad some of my contributions have made it to the released version. I'll have more as soon as the stuff I've animated becomes public. **Update** my inbox has exploded FAQ Q. Who did all the models and rigging? A. The character art and technical art crew on the Heroes of the Storm team at Blizzard. I did not do any of the models, textures or rigging. Q. Did you use any mocap? A.…

HWAN 2015 game animation portfolio reel

Animated walks and runs

Animated run cycles and walk cycles, produced using Flash©. Music: The swimming song from: Earl Scruggs Review Album, Banjo by Scruggs, Vocals by Wainwright.

Combat Animations

Here are some examples of in game combat animations I've done Demo Reel here---> Find me on LinkedIn here---> Email me here--->

Game Animation Portfolio 2013

Game Animation Portfolio 2013 on Vimeo

Animation Porfolio