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harveyanthonywise: Keep Knocking You can not come in designer Andrea Dell'Anna

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追尋影像深度Exploring the Depth of Images-理工設計學生攝影創作展Creative photography Exhibition by IPM Design Students﹣地點澳門理工學院明德樓大堂展覽廳﹣2013

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Special Movie Contents. (More design inspiration at

Special Movie Contents. (More design inspiration at

SHUN / NI 順逆 每件事情都具有兩面,順中有逆,逆中帶順。 There are two sides to everything Creative Director: Lok Ng & awt design Inc. Calligrapher: Lok Ng Photographer: Chuck Tang Client: Sense Visual Brand

大垣市コレクション展 #Graphic Design Poster

Fly High Red Packets on Behance - created via

「觀心」 以观照己身来明心之本性,可以理解為自我觀察審視心靈,不追究,不去想,不執著,細細靜看觀察心靈。佛教以心为万法的主体,无一事在心外,故观心即能究明一切事(现象)理(本体)。 Can be understood as self-observation to examine the mind, do not pursue, do not think, do not persist, careful observation of the mind. | Tumblr

This mobile future and internet of things infographic will show you just how mobile everything in our lives are becoming.